With other members of the design team, AAB architects aim to create buildings that are sustainable both in use and in construction. We work with building services consultants to develop designs that minimize energy use through the following measures:
– high levels of thermal insulation
– energy efficient heating systems
– energy saving technologies and appliances
– good natural lighting
– natural ventilation and passive heating systems
– appropriate renewable energy technologies

Where possible, we seek to use materials with low embodied energy and to retain existing building fabric. We avoid the use of materials that are obtained from non-renewable sources, or manufactured using processes known to cause damage to the environment.

Increasingly, clients are looking to carry out works to existing buildings to reduce energy use. The extension or alteration of an existing building is an good opportunity to improve its overall thermal performance. AAB architects work with other consultants to provide an integrated approach to look at options and to prioritize the most effective measures.

Cities are the most environmentally efficient form of human habitation in terms of energy and resource use, and green spaces are vital to making them attractive places to live. City parks form a key part of the green infrastructure for wildlife, as well as providing a place for relaxation and fun, as shown in our projects at Duke’s Meadows in Chiswick.

In school projects we incorporate ideas about recycling and resource conservation in design proposals. At Argyle Primary School, for example, we installed rainwater recycling tanks to enable water to be collected for irrigation of new planters, and used materials incorporating recycled stone and glass.