This project, designed by Alice Brown and Robert Loader, won an open European competition in 1993. The site is in Gävle, one of the oldest towns in Sweden, and is occupied by a prison, built in 1847. The brief was for the redevelopment of the prison site for cost effective, high quality housing, funded by Gävlegårdarna, the largest municipal housing company in Sweden. The proposal provides 61 apartments with 60% parking and communal facilities on a site of 0.5ha

In order to integrate the site with its neighbourhood, the surrounding prison wall is rebuilt to allow varying degrees of permeability – giving privacy to dwelling spaces, framing views from the interior of the site and enabling public access from the surrounding streets. The prison block itself is also transformed, through partial demolition and the insertion of two steel-framed structures between the existing gables. Proposed building materials are rendered masonry and timber cladding, with lightweight timber access galleries and sheet metal roofs.

Client: Gävlegårdarna
Competition: Europan, winner
Contract value: £3m (1995)